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Bank of Oklahoma

Bank of Oklahoma NA (National Association) is one of the subsidiary of Tulsa based Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corporation. Recently, Bank of Kansas city was also became a part of the corporation. The company has its corporate office in BOK Tower, a skyscraper building in Downtown Tulsa.

According to the history of the company, the foundation of the bank can be traced back in 1910 when a group of oilmen and Harry Sinclair – a major investor and president of the bank, takeover the Farmer National Bank and led to the formation of Exchange National Bank of Tulsa.

The BOK offers various banking and financial products and services including wealth management for the personal, business and commercial clients. A few of them which are being offered to the different ranges of customers are as follows.
  • Checking
  • Savings, CDs, and money market
  • Overdraft coverage
  • Loans and line of credit
  • Online banking
  • Visa check card or ATM including debit card
  • Credit card
  • Mobile banking
  • Investment
  • Cash management
  • Retirement
  • Treasury
  • Risk management
  • Private banking
  • Trust administration and many others.
Moreover, the bank also provides various jobs and employment opportunities as well as the many internships and training programs for graduate students. They offer jobs in various positions such as trust officers, private bankers, BOSC professionals, portfolio managers and many others.

Bank of Oklahoma Headquarters Address:
One Williams Centre
Tulsa, OK 74172

Phone Number: (918) 588-6000
Routing Number: 103900036

Bank of Oklahoma Online Banking

Bank of Oklahoma online banking is free service which provides access to your account information, statements of the past 7 years, balances in your account, bill payment and many others. Moreover, one can also change address in the account profile and even the request of statement is also possible. In order to access these services and facilities, you need to login with the user name and password otherwise you can enroll or sign up online.

In addition, they also provide international wire transfer facility which allows sending and receiving money or funds anywhere in the world. However, the customers may require the routing number and SWIFT code of the bank in order to setup this facility. For the detailed information of routing number, you can refer left bottom corner of your personal checks.

Bank of Oklahoma Mortgage

They offer fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages with certain benefits such as mortgage insurance and rate lock policy etc. The adjustable rate mortgages are available with low initial interest rate as compare to the fixed rate mortgages. However, these rates are depend on the Federal Reserve policy, inflation and economic conditions etc. Therefore, the rates may be varied and fluctuated.

Bank of Oklahoma Locations

The bank has various banking offices, centers, branches and ATMs network across the state of Oklahoma. Therefore one can find the locations of these branches, offices and ATM with the help of the branch locator tool available on their website. You can follow the link of the branch locator given below, if you wish to find the locations in NW (Northwest) Expressway, Norman, Edmond, Enid, Lawton, Muskogee, Owasso and many others.

For further detailed information of the Bank of Oklahoma lawsuit and others, you can visit the website of the bank as well as refer the available news and reviews etc.



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