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Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland, from one single institution to support Scottish business, the bank has now emerged with a wide range of products and services. Founded in 1695, the bank is the only commercial institutions created by the Parliament of Scotland that still exist even today. It was also the first bank in Europe to have printed its own banknotes. Headquartered at The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland, Bank of Scotland is a commercial bank providing financial services. It has a huge workforce of about 20,000 employees. The bank today has become a key part of the Lloyds Banking Group in providing services to the customers.

The history of the Bank of Scotland has come a long way with rivals in the early stage competing for survival. Later, the bank took the lead, get involved in several mergers and acquisitions and come up successfully to this day. It became the first bank in UK to process accounts centrally with the help of computers. The bank also introduced HOBS (Home and Office Banking Services) which enables customers to access their accounts directly on a television screen, using the Prestel telephone network. With expertise in the field of banking, Bank of Scotland has expanded its existence worldwide with international branches and offices. Today, the bank provides unique products and services to satisfy the demands and needs of the customers. It offers a wide range of programs and services to the entire customers to make them easy to bank and enjoy convenient banking system. The bank also provides several financial supports through loans and mortgages. It facilitates with all the needs of the advanced tools and services so that customer gets maximum satisfaction and conveniences.

Bank of Scotland Online

Bank of Scotland provides free online services for any kind of banking purposes. The bank offers the convenience of being able to carry out any banking activities more quickly and safely sitting comfortably at home wherever Internet is connected. The bank offers online services for bank account, credit card, savings account, and ISA plan. An online service facilitates the following benefits to the customers:
  • view current and available balances
  • pay bills
  • transfer money overseas and request foreign drafts
  • View or cancel any Direct debits set up on your account
  • order travel money
  • view balance and recent transactions
  • pay monthly credit card statement online
  • request a new credit card limit
  • transfer balances from other credit or store
  • request a PIN reminder if forgotten
  • view most recent statement and current balance
  • transfer money between banking and savings accounts
  • set up a regular payment
  • view the value of investment
For those interested in availing the benefits of online banking, they can simply register with the details of your account of the bank such as- Roll number or account number and sort code, Eligible credit card number and Share Dealing PRN and PIN and get registered. And for those already registered they may just sign in with Bank of Scotland Online- Customers without a token or Internet Banking Service- Customers with a token.

Bank of Scotland Credit Card

Bank of Scotland offers several credit cards with number of offers especially on balance transfers and purchases. The bank offers credit cards to qualified current account customers with two exclusive options - On Purchases and On Balance Transfers with exciting offers without incurring interest. The bank also offers credit cards like- All in One Credit Card, Plus Credit Card, Student Credit Card, Easy Rate Credit Card, Charity Cards and Special Edition and Partner Credit Cards. The Credit Cards offered by the Bank of Scotland for the different purposes of the customers are beneficial with special offer on purchases and balance transfers. These cards are offered with 0% rate on making purchases or transferring balances for the first few months and the APR offered is very low. Users can enjoy 0% rate on purchase and balance transfers by staying within the credit limit and paying on time. The bank provides security and protection for all cards from any fraudulent activity.

Bank of Scotland Jobs

As the Bank of Scotland operates in varied fields of banking products and services to cater the needs of the customers, it offers a wide range of career opportunities with jobs in different areas. It offers a dynamic working environment to build one's career. Operating not only in UK but having significant presence through out Europe, Ireland and North America, it opens a wide door in career opportunities and one can involve in any fields like banking, savings, mortgages, credit card and many more areas. If considering making a career with the bank one can find more information about vacancies by logging to the official website and visiting the recruitment pages.


Bank of Scotland Loans

For those who wish to make life more comfortable or want to tidy up the finances, Bank of Scotland is the right choice. The bank offers Unsecured Personal Loans and Further Advance Loans to the eligible customers. Existing customer can apply for more money at any time and can replace the current loan agreement with the new one or take out additional funds. One can borrow any amount ranging £1,000 to £25,000 and have the choice for repayment terms 1-7 years and have the money directly transferred within 24 hours to your Bank of Scotland account. The bank charges no arrangement fee and no security against property. The bank also offers no monthly repayments for the first 3 months.

Bank of Scotland Mortgage

Bank of Scotland offers different range of mortgages in accordance with the type of customers with different range of benefits. The bank offers mortgages for the different purposes of the customers. To the current account customers the bank offers exclusive discount of at least 0.2% on the initial rate on new Halifax mortgages depending on the mortgage deal. The bank also facilitates additional borrowing option on top of the existing mortgage for home improvements or any important purchases. It also provide mortgage for the first time buyers with wide range of fixed rate mortgages and tracker rate mortgages. The bank further provide mortgage for home mover. Moreover, the bank offers remortgage system, and also offer mortgage for investing in longer term. For making use of the mortgages provided by the bank for individuals' different purposes talk to the mortgage experts of the bank by calling 08458 50 37 05.

For more accounts of the Bank of Scotland and related information one can log on to the official website of the bank and get informed.

Website: http://

Address: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ, Scotland Contacts:
For Banking: 08457 21 31 41
Credit Cards: 08457 29 39 49
Mortgage: 08458 50 08 42
Personal Loans: 08457 44 44 55
Insurance: 08457 23 33 43
Investments: 01904 61 11 10
Savings: 08457 26 36 46
Online helpdesk: 08456 02 00 00
International dialing: (for all product areas) 0044 1133 809 574
International dialing: (for online service) 0044 1132 851 888


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