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Discover Bank

According to the history of the company, Discover Bank has begun its operation in 1911 as the Greenwood Trust Company. It has been providing the banking services and products to help the entire customers in achieving their financial goals and needs. In 2000, the company became the Discover Bank after they have joined the Discover Financial Services. These services and products include credit cards for both personal and small business, online savings, checking, high yield money market account, mortgages, loans for personal and students, protection facility at the time of financial hardship etc. and others.

At present the bank is operating under the guidance of David W. Nelms and Roger C. Hochschild, the CEO and President of company respectively. The following is the address of headquarters located in Greenwood Delaware.

Corporate Headquarters:
502 E. Market Street, Greenwood,
DE 19950

Several branch offices of Discover Bank and ATM network are available across the United States. One can find the locations of these branches and ATMs by using the ATM or Bank locator available on the bank website.

If you want to find the locations of the branches, all you have to do is furnished the name of the location say for example Wilmington, New Castle in Delaware DE, Dallas, Houston, in Texas TX, Chicago in Illinois, New Jersey NJ, Utah, New Albany Ohio, NYC or California etc. In the same way you can find the branch locations of whatever you want.

In addition they have also offered various types of jobs, careers and scholarship opportunities to every qualified individual. You can subscribe the Discover Bank job alerts and information by registering at the bank website with your email address.

Discover Bank Card

Discover Bank provides various card products such credit card, debit card and gift card. In fact these cards are available in various designs and colors. Basically three types of credit cards are offered by Discover Bank namely, Discover More, Open Road and Miles. With these credit cards, one can do many things like earning cash back bonuses on buying or purchasing groceries from the grocery stores or departmental stores and even fuelling your car from the gas station etc. Besides, you can earn many travel rewards points through rewards and referral programs provided by the bank. Apart from these, the Discover Financial Services is one of largest issuer of card in the USA.

Credit Card Payment Mailing Address:
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 6103
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103

You can report at the following details, if you have lost your card or stolen by someone or some other problems and issues like fraud and identity theft etc.

Fraud Complaints:
Outside U.S.1-801-902-3100

Customer Service:
Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 30943
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943

Discover Bank Login

Discover Bank login facility is a part of the online banking service provided to every customer. This service enables the customers to manage and access their account information, funds transfer, wire transfer and many others. In order to access these benefits and advantages, the customers need to login through the secure account log in center with the valid user ID and password. However the new customers can also register via online by providing the account number and some other personal details. Even you can download the account statement into the "Quicken" by login into your corresponding account.

In any case if you have trouble while login or forgot your password, you can call the technical support at 1-800-290-9885.

Discover Bank Online

The Discover Bank online banking services can be accessed not only from your personal computers but also from the mobile phone like iphone, android or others. However the customers who wish to accessed from the mobile phone need to install the suitable application. In fact these online banking services enable every customer to make international wire transfer, ACH, managing account, accessing paperless statement and many more.

Discover Bank CD

The certificates of deposit or CDs offered by Discover Bank are available with competitive rates. In fact these CDs are available at the lowest interest rate and APY of 0.60% for a term of 3 months and many others. The detailed information on the rating system of Discover CDs can be found on the link given below.

In addition you can use the online IRA CD calculator available on the bank website to calculate the savings on your IRA CD account. Further the bank does not charge any kind of early withdrawal penalty even if the customers withdraw funds within nine 9 days after the maturity date.

Discover Bank Account

Discover Bank accounts are available in four types viz, online savings, AAA money market, CDs and IRA CDs. But the IRA CDs are available in three types i.e. Traditional, Rollover and Roth IRAs. In fact these accounts are accompanied with attractive features such as low opening deposits, no minimum balance, attractive APY and many more. The money market accounts are accessible from anywhere by ATM, Checks and with a Discover Card. In addition the IRA CD accounts cover various types of insurance such as life insurance, health and car etc. Moreover the CD or certificates of deposit accounts are insured by FDIC and guaranteed for the financial stability. The customers can open these accounts via online banking, phone or by mail. For more information on legal issues and lawsuit regarding the Discover Bank account, you can review the account agreement and disclosures.

The routing number or ABA of Discover Bank is 031100649 and in case if you have any kind of query about transfer fees and limits, excessive withdrawal, ratios and others, you can refer the FAQ and other reviews available on the bank website or contact the customer service at 1-800-347-7000 and at DiscoverD number 1-800-347-7454 for hearing impaired.

For further detailed information on Discover Bank HAS, Etrade, promotion, special offer code 2010, discount coupon and others etc., you can refer the bank website which is given below.



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