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ICICI Customer Care

ICICI Customer Care service is made available through friendly and highly experienced customer care representatives of the bank. Being the second largest bank in India, ICICI strives to provide the best of banking services to its customers. Because of its huge customer base, some new customers often face grievances while getting the products and services offered by the bank. To help them solve their queries and grievances, ICICI offers customer care centre which can be contacted through several toll free numbers pertaining to different states and cities. ICICI also allow you to submit online grievance form mentioning your problems. The bank will respond within 10 working days to your grievances.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number

ICICI Customer Care support is available for a number of banking products that include home loans, mutual funds, two wheeler loans, credit cards, personal loans and many more. You can report credit card fraud or lost of card through the credit card customer care number. Moreover, check the application status of home loan or the prevailing loan rates by calling the home loan customer care number. The following is a list of ICICI customer service numbers in several cities and states of India.

Pune: 9890478000
Bangalore: 41131877
Hyderabad: 23128000
Mumbai: 28307777
Chennai: 42088000
Coimbatore: 4358000
Delhi: 41718000 - (Mobile) 9818178000
Kolkata: 9831378000
Karnataka: 9845578000
Ahmedabad: 6630 9890
Andhra Pradesh: 98495 78000
Assam: 9954108000
Bhubaneshwar: 9938488000
Bihar: 9934008000
Chandigarh: 5055700
Kerala: 9895478000
Indore: 4022005
Chattisgarh: 9893208000
Cuttack: 9938488000
Darjeeling: 9933008000
Goa: 9890478000
Gujarat: 9898278000
Guwahati: 9954108000
Haryana: 9896178000
Himachal Pradesh: 9816608000
Jamshedpur: 9934008000
Jharkand: 9934008000
Kochi: 9895478000
Lucknow: 9936218000
Madhya Pradesh: 9893208000
Maharashtra: 9890478000
Orissa: 9938488000
North East: 9862408000
Patna: 9934008000
Punjab: 9815558000
Rajasthan: 9829222292
Ranchi: 9934008000
Siliguri: 9933008000
Tamil Nadu: 9894478000
Uttaranchal: 9897308000
West Bengal: 9933008000
UP East: 9936218000
UP West: 9897308000

ICICI Bank also offers customer care service to NRIs through the following toll free numbers:

India: 1800-22-4848
Singapore: 800 ICICI 4U
UK: 0 8081 314151
US/Canada: 1866 ICICI 4U
Non toll-free number: +91-40-2312 8925
ICICI provides round the clock customer care service in almost all the states and cities of India. Get the customer care numbers from the website of the bank..



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