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ING Direct

ING Direct is the operating name of ING Bank, FSB which is also insured by FDIC. This service was launched in 2000 with the headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. The company offers various financial and banking services through phone, mails and online which include the following.

  • Electric orange checking
  • Kid savings account
  • Orange savings account
  • CDs
Home Loans
  • Easy orange
  • Mortgage
  • Solutions finder
Orange for Business
  • Business Savings Account
  • Business CDs
  • ShareBuilder 401k
  • Sharebuilder
  • Accounts for kids
  • IRA
  • Rollovers
The ING Direct savings accounts are offered with high interest rates with no minimum fees and deposits. In addition, it also offers variable APY with a minimum of 1.10%.

The company also has a wide network of ATMs with more than 35,000 machines across the 50 states of the United States. The customers can find the locations of the ATM easily with the ATM locator tools available on their website; the only thing to do is just to provide the zip code of the locations, city, address or state.

ING Direct Headquarters Address
1 South Orange Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
United States
Phone Number: 302-255-3750
Fax: 31 20 541 5497

ABA Routing Number: 031176110

ING Direct Login

ING Direct login allows the customers to access various online banking services such as account information, managing personal checking account, money transfer, online bill payment and many others. Besides, you can also access various online investing tools and products such as stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Therefore, one can access these services with the valid id and password.

On the other hand, you can also access the your account from any part of the world with the mobile phones like Android, BlackBerry, Iphone etc. You need to install ING Direct Banking App which is available at iTune Store and other etc.

ING Direct Mortgage

The ING Direct mortgages are adjustable rate mortgage which offer low rates and low closing costs. The following types of mortgages are available at ING Direct.

5/1 Orange Mortgage: This is available as 1-5 year fixed rate and 6-30 years adjustable rate mortgage at the rate of 3.375% and 3.250% respectively.

7/1 Orange Mortgage: This mortgage offers two types with little higher rate i.e. 1–7 years fixed rate and 8–30 years adjustable rate mortgage at 3.625% and 3.250% respectively.

Besides, the ING Direct loans are also available as same as the mortgages mentioned above. There is also rate guaranteed options for mortgage modification and refinance.

ING Direct Careers

ING Direct offers various jobs and employment opportunities in its offices and café in New York Philadelphia Los Angeles Wilmington, DE Chicago St. Cloud, MN Honolulu. If you are interested to join and want to build your careers at ING Direct, you can start searching for the current vacancies and openings through the following link.

Apart from the USA, the interested candidate can also search the jobs in various locations where there is ING Direct such as Australia, UK, Toronto, Cardiff and Owens etc.

If you have any complaints or queries, contact the customer service at the following toll free number.

Customer Service:
Phone Number: 1-888-464-7868

For further information on ING Direct, you can review the website of the company.



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