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National Australia Bank(NAB)

National Australia Bank is one of the largest financial service providers in Australia and its headquarters is located in Melbourne. Earlier it was known as the National Bank Limited. Later on it became as the National Australia Bank after its merger with Commercial Banking Company Of Sydney Limited. The bank is currently serving more than 40,000 customers with over 1,800 branches located in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, UK and some part of USA which includes New York

The banking and business of NAB Group is divided into eight core divisions across the locations mentioned above. In Australia, NAB provides personal and business banking as well as wholesale banking, NAB Wealth and Special Group Assets etc. On the other hand, the NAB banking services in UK are provided through two franchisees namely Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank. The following products and services are offered by National Australia Bank for both personal and business bank.
  • Accounts
  • Insurance
  • Cards
  • Loans
  • Financial advice
  • Investments
  • Internet Banking
  • International trade
  • Small business etc.
Besides, they also provide the fund transfer facility through which you can transfer funds into your account. However, you have to provide the details such as NAB account number, name, swift code and BSB. As the bank does not use the IBAN, you don’t need the IBAN number for transferring funds.

NAB Head Office Address:
National Bank Australia Limited
500 Bourke Street,
VIC (Victoria), 3000, Australia

Swift Code: NATAAU3303M
ABN: 12 004 044 937

National Australia Bank Internet Banking

National Australia Bank internet banking is an online banking service through which one can access the NAB account information, transaction history, bill payment, fund transfer, personal and home loan redraw etc. Moreover, you can also re-order cheque and deposit book.

In order to access the facilities available with NAB internet banking service, you have to login with the NAB internet banking ID and password. For any issues or assistance regarding NAB internet banking, you can contact at 1300 651 656.

National Australia Bank Careers

National Australia Bank offers various kinds of jobs and careers. At NAB, you can find various fixed term and permanent full time jobs as well as the part time jobs. Therefore one can also search the available jobs in various states of Australia and other countries like China, India, Japan and others. In addition, they also offer graduate program and actuarial traineeship in various fields such as domestic banking, wealth, operations, technology and many others.

For further detailed information about the National Australia Bank routing number and investor relations, you can visit the website of the bank.



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