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Orchard Bank

Orchard Bank is a financial company that provides credit cards and banking services under the HSBC, which is commonly known as “The World’s Local Bank”. Orchard Bank is a part of HSBC Bank Nevada, NA, one of the leading providers of credit cards to the customers. The varieties of products and services from Orchard Bank are peerless like the parent company in comparison with other firms. The status and strength of this company can be checked from the reviews and ratings given by the customers and other agencies in terms of offering quality card products and services to the consumers.

Orchard Bank Credit Card

Orchard Bank credit card is issued under the HSBC Bank Nevada. The credit card products from this company have lots of benefits and advantages. Orchard Bank credit card is purposely designed to meet the needs and requirements of every customer from the company. The varieties of Orchard Bank Credit Cards with some characteristic features are as under:
  • Classic Card – It is one of the most popular types of cards with build in benefit options. Orchard Bank Classic Card is accepted at millions of locations globally. Customers can sign up to receive email and message regarding the payment due dates and possible to access account information for 24X7 with zero liability policy.
  • Online Ecosmart Card ?– This card is made of bio degradable material and zero carbon emissions. Customers using this card can sign up for eAlerts to obtain his/her account status & payment due dates. It is also accepted at millions of locations worldwide with the facility to earn points for every dollar spend and allow to redeem the rewards points for gifts and have cash back options. Free of cost for online bill pay services and has 100% fraud liability protection.
  • Visa Card – This card is purposely designed for the customers, who seek to rebuild their credit. It comes with lots of benefits and tailor to meet the needs of managing account. Clients can contact the customer service representatives to obtain more information.
  • Secured MasterCard – It is a best card design for the customers to establish or rebuild credit in the name of the customers. Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard has the facility to make online reservations and purchases with 24 hours and 7 days week account management services.
The above mentioned credit cards are accepted at most of the locations and have 100% fraud liability protection. Apart from offering varieties of credit cards with several benefits and plans, Orchard Bank also offers debit card including further categorization of credit cards as secured, silver, gold and platinum MasterCard and Visa card.

Orchard Bank Online

Orchard Bank Online is a 24 hours, 7 days a week and throughout the year service, which is designed especially to meet the needs and requirements of every customers to carry out a wide range of banking activities. The customers having Orchard Bank online banking login ID and password can sign in to access for varieties of services offered by them. Through Orchard Bank internet banking services customers can check their account balances and statements, online bill payment including credit card payments, and many more.

The clients can contact the Orchard Bank customer service phone number at 1-503-293-4037 to obtain more information about credit card applications and several other bank products and services.

For further information about Old Orchard Bank, HCS (Household Card Services), application status and credit limit, customers can stop at the nearest local branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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