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Regions Bank

Regions Bank is one of the topmost banks based in the United States. At Regions Bank, one can get the option for personal banking, small business banking and commercial banking. You can also get the chance to earn points and several types of rewards. Through Bill Pay service you can make the payment for your bills online. The bank offers you guaranteed payments, unlimited free payments and also the option to choose the mode of bill payment. Regions Bank can simplify your life by providing you the online banking services. You can simply pay your bills safely and fastly.

Regions Bank History

Regions Bank was formed on 13 July, 1971 following the merger of three banks in Alabama; First National Bank of Montgomery, Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham and the First National Bank of Huntsville. Initially, the bank was known as the First Alabama Bancshares. Today, Regions Bank buildings are located at 100 North Tampa in Florida, Regions Center in Birmingham, Alabama, in Nashville, Tennessee and also in Indianapolis. Regions Financial Corporation is a public company located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The corporate headquarters are situated at the Regions Center. The company provides retail and commercial banking, trust, securities brokerage, mortgage, insurance and investing services. The company has more than $146 billion assets and this makes Regions Bank one of the top 10 banks leading in the United States.

Regions Bank operates a broad network of nearly 2,000 branches and 2,400 ATMs. Regions Bank owns a large amount of real estate properties that includes residential and commercial properties that are currently offered on sale. Simply select the range of properties, state and indicate the city. The routing number for Regions Bank is widely searched by the majority of customers. The routing number acts as the identification code for the specific number of the branches present in several countries. To find the information on Regions Bank History is the chief most concern before the customers apply for the banking products and services.

Regions Bank Locations

To find out the locations of the bank with address you need to click on the link "Find an ATM/Branch" and then you just need to enter the details on city, state or zip code then you can view the bank locations. The locations of the bank wherein one can find the branches of the bank includes Auburn, Birmingham, Brentwood, Bellevue Tennessee TN, Biloxi MS Mississippi, Chattanooga, Dallas GA Georgia, Dalton, East Nashville, Ellijay, Evansville IN Indiana, Gainesville, Green Hills, Hendersonville, Hoover, Indianapolis, Memphis, Texas TX and North Carolina NC.

The official website can provide you the option for address, phone number, hours and directions for all the locations of Regions Bank. Several other locations of Regions Bank include Jacksonville, Jasper Alabama, Jones Creek, Jonesborough, Johns Creek, Jefferson, Knoxville, Kentucky, Kansas city, Kingwood, Kilgore, Killeen, Lexington, Las Vegas, Meridian, Montgomery, New York, Orlando, Zachary LA Louisiana, Pensacola, Washington DC District of Columbia and AL Alabama.

Regions Bank Products and Services

Regions Bank offers you an extensive range of products and services. The products offered include checking, savings, money market, CDs and Visa CheckCard. As far as the loans offered by the Regions Bank are concerned, it offers home equity, mortgages, auto loans and student loans. At Regions Bank, Online Banking provides you an option for enrolling at the online banking, bill pay and mobile banking facility. The bank provides you the insurance and investment products. The customer service and online banking are the other services being rendered by the Regions Bank.

Regions Bank Online

Regions Bank provides online services for a large number of customers. Online Banking is easy and convenient to use. Regions Bank Online service provides you hassle-free services. On its official website you can get the option to login for your online banking account and view the banking transactions. To login to your online banking account you are required to provide online login ID and password after that you can view the account balance, checking account, transfer funds, make payments online and check the banking transactions.

Regions Bank Careers

Regions Bank Careers provide you a range of good jobs that can help you cultivate the qualities and aptitude which are essentially required in the banking fields. If you are looking for great career opportunities then Regions Bank is the most suitable place. The careers section provides you multiple regions to explore your multiple skills and expand your horizons. To apply for the careers section you can build your profile. The bank allows you to create your profile and set up the email notifications at the time of new openings. If you are looking for finding the current job openings based on location then you can find it using the job title and the name of the locations. You need to login to your profile and then submit the profile for the specified positions.

To acquire more information related to Regions Bank Locations, Careers, Hours, CD Rates, Routing Number, Stock, Foreclosures and Credit Cards you can browse the official website of the bank.



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