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State Bank of India

SBI or State Bank of India is one of the largest banking institutions in India with assets of $250 billion and a figure of $195 billion in deposits. With headquarters in Mumbai, SBI operates in almost all the states, cities, urban as well rural areas of the country. State Bank of India is the regional banking behemoth and it accounts for about one-fifth of the loans available in the country. By implementing the most advanced tools and technologies, SBI Bank has brought a change in the way we bank today. The bank has its branches and zonal offices in every Indian state through which, the banking products and services are made available to the national citizens. The financial products and services offered by SBI are well recognized and the bank stands at 29th in the list of world's most reputed companies according to Forbes Magazine.

SBI History

The history of State Bank of India dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when the Bank of Calcutta was established on 2 June 1806 in Calcutta. After three years from its establishment, the bank got chartered and was renamed to Bank of Bengal in 1809. It became the first joint-stock bank of the British India under the sponsorship of the Government of Bengal. The Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras followed Bank of Bengal and later their amalgamation into Imperial Bank of India took place in 1921. A controlling interest in Imperial Bank of India was acquired by Reserve Bank of India, which is the central bank of the country. Later on 30th April 1955, the name of the bank was changed to State Bank of India and recently the Indian Government has acquired the Reserve Bank's stake in SBI.

SBI Associate Banks

SBI Group consists of six associate banks that operate under the same SBI logo. The following is the list of the SBI Bank Associates;
  • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ)
  • State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
  • State Bank of Indore (SBIr)
  • State Bank of Mysore (SBM)
  • State Bank of Patiala (SBP)
  • State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

SBI Products and Services

State Bank of India comes with a wide array of banking services and products for individuals, corporate clients, businesses and even for NRIs and international customers. Under its personal banking section, the bank offers term deposits, loan for pensioners, recurring deposits, housing loan, loan against mortgage of property, vehicle loan, rent plus scheme, educational loan, personal and medi-plus scheme. SBI also offers many advanced services like Internet banking, online login and application, ATM services, mobile banking, safe deposit locker, foreign inward remittance, e-pay, broking services and many more. Moreover, SBI credit cards, debit card, gift card, mutual fund, life insurance, personal loan, pension plan, demat account, savings and current accounts are some of the best effective banking products provided by the bank.

SBI Branches in India and Abroad

With more than 16000 branches in India, SBI Group has the largest branch network in the country. As of 31st Dec 2009, the bank also has 141 overseas offices and zonal offices that are located in over 32 countries. State Bank branches are located in Colombo, Hong Kong, London and environs, Dhaka, Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, Male, Muscat, Tokyo, Sydney and Osaka. Moreover, SBI has offshore banking units in cities like Bahamas, Singapore and Bahrain. An offshore bank called State Bank of India (Mauritius) was also established by SBI Group in 1990.

SBI Online Services

SBI offers the most convenient way of banking through its SBI Online services. Customers of the bank can apply for net banking services with the bank if they have any type of account. Net banking form is available in any of the branch and customers can get net banking activation to enjoy online fund transfer, balance check, e-ticketing and online purchases. Online login and online application of loans can be made by visiting the official SBI website. SBI online banking is available for both personal as well as corporate activities.

SBI Bank Cards

SBI bring fast and secure means of making transactions, money withdrawal, balance check and hassle free payment for purchases with its range of cards facilities. SBI credit card, debit card and ATM card are the three card services offered by the bank. Over 4,500 SBI ATMs are located in most of the cities and urban areas of the country. SBI ATM card can be used to check account balance, withdraw money and check transaction history. On the other hand, SBI credit card provides huge purchasing power when you are on the go. One can also use the credit card to pay for online purchases from online stores. SBI credit cards are verified by Visa and they can be used in India or abroad.

SBI Jobs and Career Opportunities

A large number of job openings and vacancies are made available to the potential job seekers in the job market. SBI recruitment for different job vacancies includes bank PO (probationary officer), customer relations, clerical staff, managerial post and many other job types. All the study materials such as exam syllabus, written test papers, question bank, and solved papers can be availed by simply making some online research. Moreover, results of the exams can also be obtained from the Internet.

SBI Customer Care

State Bank of India offers different helpline numbers for its branches in different states. Customer care services are available for credit card, home loan as well as ATM card problems faced by a large number of customers. Customer care service is available round the clock and they can provide solutions for a number of queries and questions related to their products and services. The following is a list of the SBI customer care number in the metropolitan cities.

State Bank of India Customer Care Numbers
City Toll Free Number Fax Number
Ahmedabad 1800 233 7933 (079) 25506648
Bangalore 1800 425 8002 (080) 25943125
Bhopal 1800-233-7551 (0755) 4059200
Chennai 1800 425 4424 (044) 28214381
Bhubaneswar 1800-345-6741 (0674) 2390248
Chandigarh 1800-180-1723 (0172) 2713968
Delhi 1800 11 4545 (011) 23361969
Hyderabad 1800 425 3888 (040) 24751010
Kolkata 1800 345 3455 (033) 22435128
Mumbai 1600 22 8866 (022) 26445505
Patna 1800 345 6100 (0612) 2209006
Lucknow 1800 180 5201 (0522) 2231463
Thiruvananthapuram 1800-425-4722 (0471) 2323075

State Bank of India Address
Customer Service Department,
State Bank Bhavan, 4th Floor,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021
SBI offers a range of reliable banking products and services in India. Get the comprehensive details of the products and services from the official website of the bank.



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