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UBS Careers

Careers at UBS have many global opportunities and advantages. They are providing various jobs and employment opportunities with special focus on investment banking, wealth management, client advisory, fixed Income, currencies and commodities, sales and trading, risk control and IT.

An online jobs directory is also available on their website which allows everyone to search and apply the jobs online. Further, your job search can be customized in various ways say for instance, if you want a job in Chicago, Stamford, Dallas, San Francisco, New York, or Boston, you can customize your search by such locations or others etc. Alternatively, you can also visit the jobs fair happening around you.

UBS Careers Investment Banking

The investment banking is a division of the UBS which basically deals in equity research, securities, foreign exchange, sales, trading and many others. Several full time and part time jobs are available in this division. Some of which can be mentioned are quantitative analyst and associate, investment banking analyst, risk manager prime brokerage, trading and processing specialist and many more. The interested candidate can visit the following link to see more on job vacancies in this division of the company.

UBS Careers Internship

UBS provides various internship and training programs for the graduates in order to build the ability to work in profession environment. In Americas, they provide Graduate Training Program which will train every participant for career development in financial services. This internship also provides full support and encourages your career development process. Besides they also employ many fresh MBA graduates as a full time associates as well as the summer associate internship programs are available for the current MBA students. UBS recruits students through the campus recruitment process for such internship program. Therefore every interested candidate can contact UBS Campus Recruitment or the placement and career service department of the respective colleges and universities. The deadline and other information of the events coming up in the near future can be obtained from the careers section of UBS website.

In addition UBS also provides fellowship program for women such as Career Comeback for those who have master’s degree and want to restart their career.

UBS Careers Login

The UBS careers login will provide you the access to your save application in your drafts and even you can check the status of the application that you have submitted earlier. Beside you can also submit your resume or CV through this careers login. All you need is to register with a valid email address and create a password of your own. In case of registered users, they can login with the email and password used while registering into the website of the bank.

For further information on UBS careers and employees benefits, you can log on to the website given below as well as refer the FAQs available there.



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