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Westpac was the first bank established in Australia and its history dates back to 1817 when it began trading as the Bank of New South Wales. Since establishment, the Westpac Group had involved in several mergers and acquisitions with several other financial services company, St George Bank Limited been the latest, in 2008. With the merger of the Commercial Bank of Australia in 1982, the name of the bank was changed to Westpac Banking Corporation, and the bank became a fully public financial services company in 2002. Today, the bank is a multinational banking and financial services company, and is one of the four largest banks in Australia and second largest in New Zealand. The Group had total assets of over $618 billion and is among the top 5 listed companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) by market capitalization with over $69.5 billion as at September 2010.

With its headquarters and registered head office address located in Sydney, the Westpac Banking Corporation has a total network of over 1200 branches and 2800 ATMs, and has more than 39,000 employees across the world. It has its operating branches throughout Australia and New Zealand and offices in worldwide locations such as Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, United States and the United Kingdom. Gail Kelly is the CEO and MD of the Westpac Group. The full contact details of Westpac registered head office is provided below:

Westpac Banking Corporation Australia Head Office
275 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia,
Phone: 132 032
Overseas: (+61 2) 9293 9270
Facsimile: (+61 2) 8253 4128
Swift code: WPACAU2S

Westpac Banking

Through 9 core business units of which 5 are customer facing divisions which include Westpac Retail and Business Banking (Westpac RBB), Westpac Institutional Bank (WIB), St George Bank, BT Financial Group and Westpac New Zealand Bank, the Group provides a wide array of personal and business banking and financial products and services to a wide range customer. Its personal and business products and services includes bank accounts, term deposits, credit cards, insurance, investments, broking, home loans, personal loans, super and retirement, loans and leasing, foreign exchange, merchant services, business finance etc.

Westpac NZ

With two banks operating in New Zealand- Westpac New Zealand Limited (a NZ subsidiary) and Westpac Banking Corporation (NZ Division), Westpac Group provides a full range of banking and financial products and services for personal, business and agribusiness banking. The bank is also the banker of the New Zealand Government. Its products and services includes online banking, transaction accounts, deposits, loans, insurance, credit cards, foreign exchange, savings and investment etc. The registered office of Westpac New Zealand is provided below with its complete contact details and swift code:

Westpac New Zealand Head Office
Westpac on Takutai Square
16 Takutai Square
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
Swift Code: WPACNZ2W

Westpac Online Banking

Westpac Online Banking provides fast, secure and easy way to do banking transactions from one convenient place anytime and anywhere. With the online and mobile banking, all personal and business banking related activities are at the disposal of ones fingertips. Customers can transfer funds, check balances, pay bills, view transaction details and several others with just a few clicks of the mouse. To register or for any queries and assistance regarding online banking login, customers can call 132 032 or 1300 655 505 for more information.

For more information about Westpac Banking Corporation, and to know all its products and services and other information such as Westpac Express, Careers and more, please visit the official website of the group.



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